A message from Lorraine Sanborn, our founding President:

Welcome to freshconnections, inc. a non-profit organization founded in January of 2010 by professional women for professional women, with the goal of unleashing the power hidden within through the power of building networks, connections and relationships.

Our goal:
  • provide a nurturing, non-threatening atmosphere
  • where women can comfortably promote their business
  • using friendly, relaxed networking opportunities

Another important goal is to help each member gain the confidence to meet their biggest challenge – whatever it may be.

Together, we will learn techniques to present ourselves to potential clients, market our products or services, and connect with women in industries outside of our comfort zone to obtain direct and indirect referrals.

While there are no guarantees, through the knowledge and strengths gained from active involvement with other members of freshconnections, your business relationships will grow and prosper with the added benefit of gaining new friendships which have formed along the way.

As we develop and grow as a group, freshconnections is making a commitment to help members develop and sharpen a full complement of networking tools to enable your business to successfully prosper and grow to its full potential!!
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freshconnections, inc.
Board of Directors
President /Treasurer - Lorraine Sanborn
Vice President /Secretary - Anne-Marie Foster
Member-at-Large - Bernadine Shea
Lorraine Sanborn
Anne-Marie Foster
Bernadine Shea
freshconnections, inc.
Charter Class
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Vision Statement - A community where professional women use the power of mutual connections to network and reach their maximum business potential and growth.
Mission Statement - To provide, in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere, the education, support and networking opportunities needed to enable our members to grow, prosper and meet their individual business goals.
Values Statement - At freshconnections, we strive to treat all members with dignity and respect. We recognize and value diversity, individuality and collaboration and strive to create an atmosphere that provides a supportive, friendly environment where ambition never over-rides integrity and teamwork, and personal growth and fun are essential elements of all meetings, workshops and events.