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Contact: Lorraine Sanborn,
Healthy Aging Consultant
web site:

Lorraine Sanborn
186 Virgo Drive
Groton, CT  06340
phone: 860-235-0257
fax: 203-413-6353

I found a nutritional program a few years ago - about the same time I turned 72. I was worrying about healthy aging although I was in good health, but I wanted to stay that way. Having watched and cared for my husband the last few years of his life I began to realize that I needed to become more conscious of how I was going to maintain my own health. 

I also had watched so many of my peers complain about all of their health issues and realized I didn't want that for myself. On this nutritional program I lost 14 pounds and 36" overall in a short period of time and have maintained that loss for the last four + years. I now find that I have so much energy, mental focus and I feel 20 years younger. One of my goals is to share this healthy aging program with women over 50 so that they can live a life of vibrancy and vitality as I am doing. 

We are never too young to start being concerned about our health goals.
Solutions for Healthy Aging!