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Membership Rules & Regulations,
Policies and Procedures
  • Membership in freshconnections is by invitation only

  • Prospective members of freshconnections must be members in good standing in their local business community

  • Membership is granted on an individual basis, is not refundable or transferable from one person to another

  • A member must seek membership based on a profession(s) that is/are unique to the Chapter

  • Guests must attend two meetings before applying for membership

  • Chapter dues are $150/year for a primary profession and an additional $100/year for a second profession

  • freshconnection members shall have a duty to support each other in their professional endeavors and shall provide a MINIMUM of FIVE (5) business connections - total, not per member - per year

  • If a profession is already filled in a particular chapter, a prospective member may ask to be put on a waiting list, apply to another chapter or may petition the Board of Directors to start a new chapter.

  • If a guest is interested in joining freshconnections, and has attended two meetings, she should download an application and Handbook and follow the instructions for applying for membership.
  • for an application, click
  • for the Handbook, click  
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